Hahahaha oh man please anyone who needs a good laugh please watch this video… bad NBC fluffs at it’s finest. 


oh my gosh that was the most dramatic thing for a step oob

I just don’t understand… why are they doing this? Yeah, I know, fluffs aim at 4year fans, but even someone who’s not a regular gym fan would figure out that a step oob is not a tragedy, especially since it’s the only mistake of the day of all 4 events. Seriously, why?

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andreea-iridons asked:


2. fav combo on beam? Grishy’s Onodi + Illusion

18. sheep jumps or double stags? Double stags. Good sheep jumps a pretty rare.

32. kochetkovas or rufolvas? Rulfovas all the way And unfortunately they’re so rare

33. another hard question- pavs’ floor choreo or afan’s? It’s a close one, but I’m gonna go with Afan’s.

Thanks <3 (and sorry for answering so late)

Anonymous asked:

Has Aly been working on her toe point? Do you know? It looks a little better.



Perhaps! I actually just talked to my friend last night on the phone and she told me more about Aly’s training. She is working side aerial to back tuck on beam (new connection for her) and has been doing her round off double back dismounts (but she can only do 3 a day). I think my friend told me Aly has started doing a little vault and tumbling. She mostly just talked about what Aly’s training on beam. She’s easing into everything (hence the 3 beam dismount per day limit) so has to not push herself too fast and cause injury. She was also not even allowed to start actual gymnastics until she did like a month or two of JUST conditioning. Which I think is really smart on Mihai and Aly’s part.

Apparently Aly was back in the gym the day she flew back from worlds and she’s really serious about her training and coming back. My friend said about her, “when she wants something, she’s determined to get it.” Will she make the Olympics? Doubtful, but my friend said FOR SURE we will see her again on the elite scene.

This makes me so happy to hear!!

mypinkice asked:

1, 3, 6, 11, 17, 22, 28

1. dream floor music? David Guetta - Titanium, the piano/cello cover

3. beam queen. go! I know there were others better then her, but I always loved Nastia on beam

6. ___________ were the best olympics ever. I’m still gonna go with London 2012 haha (I explained why in my previous post)

11. valentina rodionenko should be replaced by queen khorkina. agree or disagree? Valentina should be replaced by anyone, doesn’t even matter who at this point. Seriously, I doubt that there’s someone worse than her, so yeah, I agree.

17. simone biles to dominate at worlds? Yeah, probably. We haven’t sen her in a while, so I’m really looking forward to Classics and Nationals. That should give us an idea about what she’s gonna do at Worlds. Idk if she’ll be as strong as last year, but she should rock it in Nanning anyways.

22. nastia’s or aliya’s onodi? Aliya’s Onodi, but I like Nastia’s overall work on beam more.

28. asac’s double arabian or ponor’s double layout? Ponor’s DLO, just because I love DLOs more. Asac’s double arabian is still one of the best tumbling passes out there.

Thanks babe <3

uchi-mura asked:

6 7 8

6. ___________ were the best olympics ever. London 2012. Because that’s what got me into gymnastics and made me love the sport so much. I watched it a million times and will probably continue to do so.

7. ___________ was soo underscored. Mai Murakami on floor in Antwerp. I can’t get over the fact that she got almost the same score as Kyla. No offence to Kyla, but Mai’s routine was much more difficult and had good execution too.

8. front or back tumbling? Back tumbling. Probably because I’m used to seeing it all the time. I’d be more then pleased if we’d see more front tumbling though.

Thank you <3

random gymternet questions

  • 1. dream floor music?
  • 2. fav combo on beam?
  • 3. beam queen. go!
  • 4. russian or chinese bars?
  • 5. gymnast you feel is constantly overlooked?
  • 6. ___________ were the best olympics ever
  • 7. ___________ was soo underscored
  • 8. front or back tumbling?
  • 9. should the one armed giant be upgraded?
  • 10. i wish __________ would come back already
  • 11. valentina rodionenko should be replaced by queen khorkina. agree or disagree?
  • 12. pavs for rio?
  • 13. 3 passes on floor or 4?
  • 14. __________ currently has the best choreo
  • 15. the ultimate question- mustafina or komova?
  • 16. petition to bring back aliya's markelov/khorkina? yes??
  • 17. simone biles to dominate at worlds?
  • 18. sheep jumps or double stags?
  • 19. hardest question ever- when will kyla upgrade?
  • 20. __________ will surprise us all at worlds
  • 21. illusion or semenova turns?
  • 22. nastia's or aliya's onodi?
  • 23. podium predictions for yog. go.
  • 24. piked or straddled tkatchevs?
  • 25. best patterson dismount you've seen so far?
  • 26. yes or no- aly will come back strong.
  • 27. who is a threat to simone right now (junior or senior)?
  • 28. asac's double arabian or ponor's double layout?
  • 29. will we see any skills named after gymnasts this worlds/yog?
  • 30. nationals and classics predictions.
  • 31. rule about layouts on beam being downgraded if they're too piked. yay or nay?
  • 32. kochetkovas or rufolvas?
  • 33. another hard question- pavs' floor choreo or afan's?
  • 34. commonwealth games predictions.
  • 35. who do you expect to dominate at yog?