Apparently 23 years of going to the beach each summer taught me absolutely nothing, since I came back from my vacation looking like a fucking lobster. My shoulders hurt like hell and my ankle decided to stop swelling only after I spent the whole day in bed. It seems my level of stupidity might increase with age.

On the bright side, I’m not gonna miss the Commonwealth Games.

I’m officially done packing and tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way to a long weekend of doing nothing/drinking/dancing at the beach. Of course I wasn’t capable of setting up a queue and since I hate the tumblr app with a passion, I won’t be posting stuff for the next few days.

Oh and keeping with the tradition of being out of town during gym competitions, I’m missing the Commonwealth Games this year (last year I missed US Nationals, but of course I was home and up till 4am for the crappy Classics stream).